Music / Collaborations / Projects

We are up there on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, Youtube and Soundcloud. Click anywhere you want. These are only for digital copies. At the moment, physical copies are out of stock. For more details, email us directly at

Bandcamp for everything:

iTunes for «The Quantum Hack Code»
iTunes for «Abolishing the obsolete system»

Amazon (Japan) for «Abolishing the obsolete system»
Amazon (Japan) for «The Quantum Hack Code»

More links to more music

Vishal’s soundcloud page purely personal and official (you can put your hate comments here to reach him directly):

Check out Derick’s music on his website : 

Jim puts his lessons, and other music here. In fact, it’s the Quantum Hack Code fan made channel which was later handed over to Jim.

Andrey has unlimited music available to hear and purchase on Bandcamp and SoundCloud.

Andrey’s solo project: Orochi
Andrey’s conceptual project: Dawn Sanctum
Andrey’s ambient music: Orochi Squad Ambient

Andrey also writes keyboards/synths for Abstract Deviation
Andrey’s side project with Russian guitarist / producer Alexander Kuzmin: Cryostatic Dream
Andrey’s side project with Brazilian guitarist / producer Matheus Manente: Time Machinery
Andrey’s side project with Japanese guitarist / producer Takashi Katsunori: Halcyan
Andrey’s electronic music collaboration: Mad Essence

All his great tunes and future release samples:

Andrey also composes music for online games. Some of his works in online games:

1. Back2Back | Strategy Games | Play Free Games Online at Armor Games

Vishal composes and produces music for films, short films, animation, television commercials, radio jingles and also produces bands and artists. Visit his Soundcloud Page.